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i'm ready to take all my chances with you

are falling like tears

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"Saan ako dinala ng sarili ko? Sayo. Parin."

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Hi everyone! Welcome to JonaxxStories. You are very welcome to read and comment my stories. And if you have comments, suggestions about this site, just post it in our tagboard. If you have questions, you may read FAQs or post it in our Formspring! Thanks! I am currently active on WATTPAD! Username: jonaxx See you there!


so, whats up?

i am missing you


Summer: You`re welcome.

Napanganga ako habang pinapakinggan ko ang sinabi ng doctor. Kasama ko ang mama at papa ni Lex, si Aliyah, Gette, at Nadine, at si Kyla.

"Continuous Amnesia and Selective Amnesia yung diagnosis ko sa kanya. I am not quite sure if he has the two at the same time. I-chi-check ko pa kung gaano ka lala yung nangyari para maapektuhan ang long-term memory niya. If he`s unlucky, maaring maging permanent ang amnesia. But I guess, it`s impossible. I`ll check it now."
"A-Amnesia?" Sabi ng mama ni Lex.
"Yes po... but then, makikilala niya naman po kayo. Hindi naman kasi generalized ang nangyari. Continuous and selective lang po. Maaring makakalimutan niya ang isang timeline, one period of time... Like, last christmas till this day... Don`t worry, it won`t cover his whole memory."

Napabuntong-hininga kaming lahat. Salamat naman. Pero kinabahan parin ako.

"Let`s just see kung aling parts ba ng memory niya ang naalala pa niya. You can visit him already."

Agad pumasok si Kyla sa loob. Pumasok na rin kami. Yinakap ni Kyla si Lex.

"Lex, how are you?" Naluha pa ito.

Ako naman, di ako makagalaw sa gilid. Kinakabahan ako.

"I-I`m okay." His voice seemed tired.

Umupo siya at hinawakan ang ulo.

"How are you feeling?" Tanong ng mama niya.
"Okay lang... mejo masakit ang ulo ko. What happened?" Sabay pagtataka.
"You were involved in a car accident. You were hit by a tenwheeler truck."

Natigilan siya.

"Ano? Ba`t wala akong maalala?"

Nagkatinginan kaming lahat.

Kinabahan ako.

He did not remember why he did that!

"May amnesia ka." Sabi ng papa niya.

Ininda niya ulit ang sakit ng ulo niya.

"Wha-What happened? What car am I using?" Tanong niya.
"The yellow lamborghini, Lex." Sabi ni Kyla.
"What?? Ang lamborghini? Nakainom ba ako?"

Tiningnan ako ng mama at papa ni Lex.

"You were with her... that time."

Natoon ang tingin ni Lex sakin. Hindi siya nagbigay ng kahit anong ekspresyon. Tiningnan niya lang ako. I was staring at him too. But I can feel my tears again - pero pinigilan ko ito.

"Dinala niya ako sa hospital?" Tanong niya.


"Thank you, Miss-"

OMG! Nabigla kaming lahat. Kahit si Kyla ay nabigla sa sinabi ni Lex.

"Lex! She`s Summer!" Sabi ni Aliyah.

Lex stared at Aliyah.


Yumuko ako para pigilan ang luha ko.

"You`re welcome." Then I walked out the room.


raindrops are falling like tears, jonaxxstories;
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I'm jonaxx at CreativeCorner and Wattpad, also known as Jonah. I'm human and I'm from the Philippines. I'm a FEMALE and 22 years young as of 2013. I started writing peoms and stories at the age of 10. The first story I posted on Creative Corner was Shakespeare in Love. I don't give copies of Shakespeare in Love and Princess in Disguise anymore. All stories are in TAGALOG/Filipino format. If you have more questions, please ask me in my Formspring. Thank you! :)
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